Part 1: An IMpairment based approach to concussion assessment and rehab

This course will introduce clinicians to an impairment-focused clinical assessment and treatment model for understanding, diagnosing, and managing concussions, regardless of how they have occurred. 

This course is available online through embodia academy

You will gain:

  • An understanding of the biomechanics of concussion, and relevant anatomy and physiology
  • The ability to effectively take a concussion-focused patient history
  • An assessment template to find the sources or drivers for patients' symptoms after concussion - based on current evidence and best practices
  • Programming strategies for patients with acute or chronic concussion symptoms
  • Confidence to teach your patients about their injury, and what they can do to optimize their recovery
  • Tools to determine when rest is helpful vs. harmful
  • Information to bust some common concussion myths

THIS COURSE IS Approved by CATA for 1.6 CEUs

Part 2: SPECial topics in concussion rehabilitation

This is an in-person, case-based workshop 

This live workshop will elaborate on the topics introduced in Part 1 in order to expand your clinical reasoning and concussion management practice.

We cover:

  • Cases and examples to reinforce the cervical spine, vestibulo-ocular, and exertion-related treatment techniques from Part 1
  • Understanding the connection between concussion and whiplash
  • Special programming considerations for pediatric patients 
  • How to program concussion baseline testing for your specific practice
  • Media and research updates

The goal of this course is to build on your current skills and practices in concussion management so that you can provide your patients with the best concussion rehab experience.

THIS COURSE IS Approved by CATA for 3.2 CEUs

It is highly recommended that you complete part 1 before registering for part 2

If you have not completed Part 1 but have experience managing concussions in your clinical practice, send us a message to confirm that this course is right for you.