Brain Injury Awareness Month (And A Discount!)


Concussion is a brain injury. 

For most of you, this is not new information. For patients, though, it might represent a new way of thinking about their injuries.

concussion isn't a sports injury that happens to affect the brain,

it's a brain injury that is sometimes caused by sport.

And the mechanism of how the brain injury happens often isn't as important when we're thinking about how to manage these injuries. 

So in the spirit of improving brain injury management and to honour March as Brain Injury Awareness Month, I'm offering 15% off my online Part 1 course, An Impairment-Based Approach to Concussion Assessment and Rehab

To redeem your discount, click here and enter the code Concussion-15 when you're prompted to do so. This code is valid until midnight on March 31, 2018.

Happy Brain Injury Awareness Month, friends!