Concussion Consensus Statement

In October of 2016, the 5th International Consensus Conference on Concussion in Sport was held in Berlin. Before the conference started, specific questions were prepared, and a review of the literature was done to assist the panelists in addressing those questions. Then, when the conference began, concussion researchers presented their data in public sessions, which allowed for questions and discussion. After a couple days of that, an Expert Panel met in a closed session to prepare the consensus statement, which addresses the questions and serves as the record of the conference. 

This final Consensus Statement was published today, and in the spirit of making the information available to everyone, I've linked to it here

Since this was the 5th conference, there have been 4 previous consensus statements, from conferences held in 2012, 2008, 2004, and 2001. This most recent paper is a revision and update, which builds on the previous documents, so you don't need to read all five to be up-to-date!

This update was released with updates to some other important documents. These are free downloads, so follow the links below:

* Sport Concussion Assessment Tool 5 (SCAT5) for Adults and Kids

Concussion Recognition Tool 

And no, you're not missing something. Before this update, we were using the SCAT3, and now we're on the SCAT5. We've skipped number 4 so that the SCAT and the consensus statement numbers line up.