OneBrain + Embodia Academy

Have you noticed that things have been a bit quiet around this blog? There's been a lot going on behind the scenes, though.

I'm excited to announce that, as of today, Part 1 of OneBrain's concussion education program is available online through Embodia Academy

I made the decision to adapt my in-person teaching to an online format for a couple of big reasons:

Convenience | Just like you, I take courses. I love taking courses, but you can only give up so many weekends for courses before you burn out. I've started taking advantage of online learning opportunities to build my own practice, and I love being able to fit my learning in when it's convenient for me. I can squeeze a bit in when a patient cancels, or after my kid goes to bed. And then I can relax on the weekend. Sign me up!

Access | I started OneBrain because I think everyone should have access to the best in concussion education. That's why my courses are available to all health care professionals, no matter your professional designation. But Canada is a big country, and I just can't get to every corner of it, and not everyone is able to travel to take courses. By taking OneBrain training online, I can provide the same education experience to everyone, no matter where you live. You can start whenever you want - no waiting for me to get there, no risk that the course won't fill and get cancelled. 


I partnered with Embodia Academy because I think they're awesome. They have lots of excellent courses offered by clinicians I really respect. They have a really robust, user-friendly learning platform, but most importantly, they allowed me to set up an online forum specific to my course. That means you can ask questions and I can provide answers, just like if we were in a classroom. 

To kick off this partnership, I'm offering a discount code to everyone currently subscribed to my newsletter, and to anyone new who signs up before DECEMBER 15, 2017. 


If you've already taken Part 1 in person, pass along the discount code to a friend who might be interested. And stay tuned to Embodia Academy, because OneBrain's Part 2 course will be appearing online in 2018. 

The goal of OneBrain, now and always, is to help you become an even more awesome clinician. How can we help you do that? Send an email, leave a comment, join the Embodia forum, and keep us in the loop. Let's grow your clinical expertise together.